Foundation to a Masters Program

Foundation to Masters- at Bristol institute From a World Recognised UK University.

Designed to deliver excellent employment outcomes, The Bristol institute offers a life changing and industry leading education from foundation to master’s programs. Unleash your potential with a ‘can do’ attitude and exercise analytical thinking promoted by our innovative programs that nurture an entrepreneurial spirit. Creating a bridge between the academic and the business world through its long-term partnership with the world recognised University Of the West of England, the number of benefits you can gain from enrolling yourself at such a prestigious institute is boundless. If you are still wondering on why choose us, listed below are just a few key reasons to name.

Direct Entry to World Recognised Degree Programs

The UK has a reputation around the world as a country of learning and academia. A degree obtained from a UK university will not just look striking on your CV but also be a great selling point. With Bristol Institute’s range of pioneering foundation programs in Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, and Legal studies you can gain direct entry to internationally recognised degree programs designed to match the different needs and expectations of your future.

Faster Route to Degree Programs

Gone are the conventional days of carrying a degree program for years and years. In this fast-paced world, students barely have the luxury of time and money to study the traditional number of 4 to 5 years. Bristol Institute offers a faster route to becoming a professional, helps students effectively shape the future and become tomorrow’s leaders in an ever-changing business world.

With an 8-month foundation program, entry to degrees can be obtained at Bristol Institute.

Ability To Pursue Educational Qualifications Up to Masters Programs

Your journey of turning your passion in accounting, finance and business into a world-class expertise begins here. Whether you’ve already finished your undergraduate program or just got through your O-levels and want to get started on a faster and affordable route to an iconic UK university degree, we prepare you with all the skills needed for your study. Including a foundation year as part of your programme will give you a head start in your academic and professional life.

At the Bristol Institute, we give you the opportunity of starting right from the basics to becoming a professional, powering you with the cutting-edge skills, insights and mind-set that will steer your career in various fields or accelerate your journey to the top of a multinational company.

Gain Up to Date and Relevant Subject Specific Knowledge

Behind our brilliant education are brilliant thinkers, in fact some of the best in the field who you can connect with at a range of levels. Led by highly experienced professionals, we provide high quality, high-intensity approach to teaching, which focuses on real world and practical learning. The business world is rapidly evolving with the rise of technology and future jobs will require dedicated professionals who are ready to evolve alongside the industry. With innovative business practices and intimate teaching methods that the institute offers, you will learn to lead and transform businesses and make a difference.

Engage In Extra Curricular Activities and Get Internship Opportunities

From exciting field trips to study tours and other co-curricular activities, you can stay actively engaged with us during and after your study at the institute. More than a campus, Bristol Institute of Business Management is enriched by a vibrant environment, and is fully integrated into the urban fabric to give students an unforgettable learning experience. We are also dedicated to connecting students with a wide range of internship opportunities. We inspire, educate, and empower our students with knowledge that matters, to tackle the complex problems and advanced business practices that the modern world calls for.


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