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January / May/ September


08 Months

Programme Description

The Bristol Foundation Program offers a unique and enriched educational journey. This program is dedicated to equipping students with essential skills, including literacy, numeracy, proficiency in information and communication technology (ICT), academic excellence, and effective problem-solving. It is designed for those aspiring to pursue undergraduate studies, with a strong emphasis on empowering students for self-directed learning. This preparation is vital for successfully navigating the demands of university education and undergraduate studies.

Specializations – Business Management OR Accounting & Finance 

Entry Criteria

Completion of O/L (Pass in 5 subjects with English and Math preferred)

Programme Structure

Program Structure

CEN4003            English Proficiency 01     

CMA4001            Foundational Mathematics 01

CEN4005            Academic Writing and Research Skills       

CBA4008             Essentials in Business      

CEN 4004            English Proficiency 2                      

CMA 4002           Foundation Mathematics 2          

CBA 4010             Business Economics     OR      CBA 4013 Introduction to Financial Accounting

CBA 4009            Introduction to Marketing    OR      CBA 4014 Introduction to Management Accounting

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