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2 Years

Programme Description

Nursing is a challenging but rewarding career that’ll change lives, including your own. As a nurse you’ll play your part in improving access to healthcare, wellbeing, social inclusion, and quality of life.

This course has a strong practical focus, allowing you to gain competence carrying out the hands-on tasks you’ll perform in your career. You’ll also have regular access to outstanding facilities including our Skills Simulation Suite: an imitation ward where you’ll be able to develop your clinical expertise in a safe instructive environment.

The course offers a wide range of teaching and learning strategies which are student centred, including action learning sets. The process of action learning allows you to engage fully in exploring challenges and issues relevant to practice to challenge existing perspectives and place theoretical knowledge in your own practice context. Other learning strategies include critical evaluation, directed reading, discussion groups, seminars, group work and your own practice.

Entry Criteria

3 Years Government Nursing Diploma and Registered Nurse

Programme Structure


  1. Accelerating Learning for Professionals
  2. Independent Study
  3. Ethical Issues in Health and Social Care
  4. Assessment and Clinical Reasoning
  5. Facilitating Learning and Assessment in Practice
  6. Essentials of Renal Care


  1. Evidence and Research in Practice
  2. Cardiac Care
  3. Leadership of Health
  4. Principles of Cancer Care
  5. Dissertation (Post Qualifying) – Whole Year