Awarding Institution


 1 Year

Programme Description

Providing an intensive, academically demanding and applied programme that both critically evaluates and synthesises current academic concepts, theories, and research to address key issues in AFM. Engendering in students an objective appreciation of current practice in the field of AFM and equipping them with specialist analytical skills and knowledge to take advantage of opportunities and minimise threats within the complex real-world environment. Enabling students to develop purposefully and refine their own comprehensive ‘toolbox’ of AFM techniques and encouraging them to practice the application of such tools. Facilitating students in the development of the deeper subject specific knowledge and skills in applied settings. Developing students’ problem-solving and decision-making skills and judgement in the field of AFM. Setting in place an approach to life-long learning and the acquisition of skills which will enable them to apply a structured and reflective approach to both their personal development and their contribution to society.

Entry Criteria

Completion of a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline, or equivalent. Applicants must be able to demonstrate a good standard of English. In absence of academic qualifications, appropriate work experience and other qualifications will be considered.

Programme Structure
  1. Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance
  2. Financial Statement Analysis
  3. Corporate Governance and Strategy
  4. Corporate Financial Strategy
  5. Strategic Management Accounting
  6. Advanced Corporate Reporting
  7. Research Methods – Accounting and Finance
  8. Dissertation-Financial Management
  9. Contemporary Issues in Accounting and Finance