January, May & September


 1 Year

Programme Description

The programme aims to enable students to demonstrate generalized theoretical and factual knowledge of business administration and relate them to a range of practical applications. It also helps to use applied knowledge and understanding, together with routine techniques, to address issues related to Business Administration in practical contexts. Furthermore, ensuring that students acquire critical thinking skills and research skills that are appropriate for carrying out a range of activities independently for study purposes and for workplace application.

Entry Criteria

General Entry Criteria: 5 O’Level/SSC passes with C grade and above OR Attainment of a Level 3 qualification in a related field.
Alternative Entry Criteria: 18 years old and 1 year work experience Ability to communicate in the language of instruction

Programme Structure


1. English Proficiency 1
2. English Proficiency 2
3. Foundational Mathematics 1
4. Foundational Mathematics 2
5. Academic Writing and Research Skills


1. Essentials of Business
2. Introduction to Marketing
3. Business Economics