Why Us

Great Teaching

Our teaching and learning is led by highly experienced professionals. Over 90% of our lecturers have post graduate qualifications and prior teaching experience. Additionally, 80% of our full-time academic staff are PhD holders, more than any other institution in the country.

Our lecturers are not only lecturers but active researchers, some of them with an international reputation for publication.

In our teaching we ensure that you are taken away from traditional classrooms where only the teacher imparts knowledge to students. For us, learning is a two-way process and we encourage active involvement of both lecturers and students. Our aim is to enrich you with theoretical knowledge while building bridges into practice.

Unique Global Learning Experience

We have established partnerships and affiliations with world re-known universities and institutes across Asia and Europe.

Our students have the opportunity to study for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes from prestigious universities in Europe in the comfort of their home, at an affordable price. With this unique setting our students are able to access partner university resources such as the UWE, Bristol online library, blackboard, etc.

Our students also benefit from exchange student programmes, in which our students go abroad and learn at partner universities and experience foreign cultures while partner universities send their students to undertake a semester or two at The Bristol Institute of Business Management.

Industry Exposure

Our programmes comprise of industry exposure components in which students gain hands-on experience in industry or are provided with opportunities to present their work to their particular industry.

Supporting you Throughout

We provide learning support to you throughout your time at The Bristol Institute of Business Management. Workshops, tutorials, online tutorials, one to one support in academic writing such as referencing and plagiarism, and English language improvement advice are provided to interested students free of charge.